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Web 3.0 Fail | Catholic Life

Web 3.0 Fail

Twitter Communion is an opportunity for Christians around the world to celebrate their love for God in Jesus Christ by sharing in a live global communion through Twitter.

Hopefully thousands of you will sign up to take part in this historic event.

It doesn’t matter what denomination you belong to or what creed you believe in, anyone who wants to join in is welcome to take bread and wine (or fruit juice).

It’s a way for Christians to show that we really do belong to one Church, that we can lay our differences aside and proclaim that we are united in one thing – our love for Jesus. Source

As if viewing Communion as merely a time to “remember Christ” were not little enough, we are now supposed to sit alone behind our computers and find this a spiritually fulfilling practice.  I am far, far, too hungry to be filled with such a light meal. I am far, far too weak to find the computer a sufficient companion on my journey.

I do appreciate the note “If you have any concerns about taking part, you should consult your church leaders about the possibility of having an authorised communion celebrant present, or having previously blessed elements.” Ah yes, that would take care of it. But why on earth would I have a priest visit with the Blessed Sacrament and then turn away from Jesus to the computer?!

I remain hopeful that it is just a bad joke.


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