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Catholic Life | Questions


Are you holy?
No. I spend my time blogging rather than praying.

What is your formation? I know that you’re delightedly amused when people call you “jesuitical” so I’m guessing that you were actually spawned by a certain personal prelature?
My formation is Testudo. That means that I hide when people use terms like “formation” and “apostolate” in the context of blogging.

How does your husband feel about you spending so much time blogging?
He is a man. He doesn’t feel, he thinks. And given that I’m one of those people who can’t blog and talk at the same time… let’s just say he couldn’t be more encouraging.

So you’ve been married for over two years and still don’t have any children?! Are you really sure that you’re Catholic?
I’m never totally sure of anything, let alone Catholicism! But I am a big fan of both fertility awareness and celibate marriage. Also, I have endometriosis which is correlated with infertility along with pain. Please choose whichever theory would cause you to pity me most. And if you’re still concerned, then send me an email and I’ll add a paypay button to the blog so that you can contribute to our adoption fund. Thanks!

What makes you qualified to tell me how I should live my life?
Nothing other than the fact that I know better than to turn to blogs for advice on how to live.

Why should I read your blog?
As an act of penance. And you should comment as an act of charity. You know; comfort the afflicted,  instruct the ignorant, counsel the doubtful, admonish sinners, and all that.