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Hello Blog | Catholic Life

Hello Blog

I could say that I’ve been posting less because of work. Which would be true, especially when it comes to posting fewer comments on others’ blogs. But not the entire truth.

For some reason I started caring in a way that I have never cared before. Youch. I have always cared in the sense of seeing blogging as an especially honest form of sharing (hence why I try to not have it show up when people search my legal name!) but I have kept my emotional involvement reasonable.


I also avoided blogging about blogging. Until I decided that this little blog is supposed to be where I can say whatever I want. I have even been working on “about” pages that are deliberately snarky in order to make people who do not like snark go away so that I will not offend them in actual posts.

But then the saintly marriage post… I tried to make it clear. I let it sit for a week. Then I got Josh to edit it. I actually changed things around again after it sat some more. I posted it. I ignored the appreciative comments and was entirely drained by those that seemed to completely misunderstand what I was saying. It was as if there was TRUTH as clear as I have ever known it, and there was a range of responses from one that had only skimmed the post to those who profoundly misunderstood me due to their own situations in life.

The thing is, this is normal with blogging. And it is fine. Except somehow I was not fine with it this time. So I wondered whether I needed to keep personal posts private, to start another blog that I would only give out to a select few, to close comments on certain posts etc. etc. I considered that perhaps this blog could only exist without wearing me down if it were faithful to the Magisterium1.

But in any case, I was frozen. I had oh-so-many posts to put up, but simply did not feel like I could handle it. So I withdrew just like I always do.

Until I decided that I should go back to letting people leave themselves. Honestly, if I cannot find a way to not be drained, then I will certainly stop. But maybe it was just a weird fluke? Or maybe a gift so that I could have just a bit of a clue about how other people experience blogging. Before this I never understood how people could take things so personally.

So now I return to blogging about blogging in the hopes that it will keep me from faithful to the Magisterium type posting. Because that is something that would not be good for any of us!

1. You do know what that means, right? In my experience, when the phrase “faithful to the Magisterium” is found on a blog it generally indicates that the blog is devoted to tearing others apart and complaining about the imperfections of all other members of the Church, particularly non-militant bishops.


5 Responses to “Hello Blog”

  1. catholicmutt 17. Oct, 2010 at 9:17 pm #

    For different reasons, I also started to feel drained by blogging. It was weird, because it always energized me before. So I took a step back, and thoroughly enjoyed a couple weeks of not really blogging and only commenting very occasionally. Sometimes breaks are good, but I’m glad you’re not giving it up, because I enjoy hearing your perspective on things.

  2. Joy 18. Oct, 2010 at 9:49 am #

    Glad you are taking care of yourself and taking breaks when you need to, but also very glad that you are posting again because I so enjoy your perspective.

    My blog is becoming more of a ‘Mommy’ blog than I really like, but I’m trying to be kind to myself and accept that this what I capable of right now and at some point the new baby fog will lift and the ‘life, family, faith’ posts will return.

  3. Rae 18. Oct, 2010 at 7:18 pm #

    Thank you both so very much!

  4. Rebecca 20. Oct, 2010 at 7:17 pm #

    I know I am very late in commenting on this, but I too am very glad that you stayed/came back!

    I too agree that the words ‘faithful to the Magisterium’ too often mean nastiness and judgement.

    So grateful to know this space will remain!

  5. Philippus 20. Oct, 2010 at 8:11 pm #

    Good to see a couple of new posts. And of course, sensible people realize that you have a life outside of the blogosphere. As a reader, I appreciate your view points and enjoy the clarity of the thought process that goes behind them.

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