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Another NFP Question | Catholic Life

Another NFP Question

What is the longest that you have known of a childless couple to use NFP to avoid pregnancy? What is the average length of time that childless couples of your acquaintance used NFP to avoid pregnancy?

As always, feel free to comment anonymously.

How long did you seriously use NFP to avoid pregnancy while childless? What is the longest that you know of among your friends/acquaintances?

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12 Responses to “Another NFP Question”

  1. Muerk 13. Jun, 2011 at 6:47 pm #

    We use it, my youngest turns 7 soon so it’s worked for us for years. We use Billings and are careful to follow the rules.

    • Yosep 31. Jul, 2014 at 7:10 am #

      your approach in potmroing NFP as a one-size-fits-all is the problem.You tell women to ditch anything but NFP that NFP is the ONLY answer, it’s the cure-all, the one method that will work perfectly regardless of the individual woman’s situation.What, for example, is your answer to a woman whose husband is serving in the military? That she must not have sex even if this may be the very last time she ever sees him? Wait, you can’t do that because this isn’t supposed to be a Catholic site, right? So what do you tell her use NFP and if he comes home while you’re ovulating, use a barrier method? Have oral sex exclusively? Is that your answer?See, this is the trap you’ve set for yourself on the one hand, you want to pretend you’re a non-religious, purely informational site about the benefits of one particular kind of birth control, with the emphasis being on the natural aspects of NFP. Yet, on the other, you have no answer for people for whom the nature of NFP will not work.Maybe if you figured out who you are and what you’re trying to sell and to whom you’re trying to sell it, you’d have better answers for people and they could decide if NFP is really something that would work in their lives. But you can’t. You’re trying to be all things to all people, hence the exaggerated claims, the hyperbole, the very one-sided nature of the anecdotes (at least other Catholic NFP support blogs and pages and there are plenty of them are honest in their approach and discussions of NFP).So go ahead how does NFP work for a military couple, for example, who may have a very short amount of time together before they’re both deployed again, and who know they may be seeing each other for the last time? What’s your secular, non-religious answer to THAT couple?

  2. Christy 13. Jun, 2011 at 7:15 pm #

    We use it, but don’t know anyone else who does. We’ve been married for three years and so far no pregnancies. :)

  3. Kathleen 14. Jun, 2011 at 4:50 am #

    Once we had an older couple w/no children learn NFP to prevent pregnancy. I was always confused by that–they never did have kids at all. But I always figured it’s not my place to be getting in people’s faces about their reasons. Maybe there was some health concern; a pregnancy would have been dangerous.

    We postponed pregnancy for a little over 18 months. And then waited another 3 years while we tried to conceive.

  4. Dwija @ HouseUnseen 14. Jun, 2011 at 9:54 am #

    I seriously learned about NFP to prevent pregnancy after our first two children were born (due to extreme financial hardship we knew God was calling us to wait for more) and we went for 5 years with no pregnancies.

    I know that doesn’t answer your questions specifically, but we were never childless once we were married and don’t know if any of our childless friends are practicing NFP or not.

    • Nha 30. Jul, 2014 at 6:05 pm #

      How do you know these women you teach who relate these penarosl anecdotes about their experiences aren’t using common hyperbole when they tell their stories? Do you know for a fact they’re not omitting the part where other treatments were discussed? Or do you know for a fact they didn’t misunderstand their doctors? Do you know whether or not these women, who come to NFP through religion, aren’t skewing their stories to fit in, or out of guilt?That’s why penarosl anecdotes aren’t evidence, especially when you’re making extreme claims about a) doctors you do not know and b) patients you do not know.Also, risks are explained with the material that comes along with the pill. If women (or young girls’ parents) are too lazy to read the material and to take responsibility for their own health, that’s their problem. Also, the more extreme risks affect a very small percentage of women. Do you inform your children of the dangers of Tylenol every time you pop it in their mouths? More people will experience severely negative side effects (including death) from over the counter pain relievers than they will from using the pill.Explaining your symptoms to a doctor is not anecdotal evidence of anything but my penarosl situation in that moment. I don’t go on to make assumptions about ALL women EVERYWHERE based on a health issue I’m currently experiencing. That’s the difference. Just because I may have broken my wrist doesn’t mean all women everywhere just broke their wrists.Yes. I’m aware there are situations where the pill can be prescribed to minors. That has zero bearing on the morality of the pill, or whether or not the pill itself is dangerous. It speaks only to the laws that affect those situations. That someone misuses something doesn’t automatically make it bad. If I could overturn those laws, I would, but I wouldn’t outlaw the pill. It’s like saying if a school district passed a law saying they could prescribe anti-depressants to students, then anti-depressants must be bad. No. The law is bad, not the medicine.That some pro-non-NFP-contraception people think NFP is a joke has no bearing on whether or not it’s proper to teach unmarried minors to use NFP. You claim it’s as effective as the pill, and you give them access to the method. What’s the difference? Because you add the caveat that they should wait for marriage? Lots of sex ed programs add the same caveat. Same difference.This site itself provides links to NFP sites that teach the method. This site works to attract minor, unmarried people via social media, and it makes no attempt to discern the target audience’s age, maturity, or whether or not their parents want them to have access to this information. That’s a problem actually, the fact the site operates in snark and snottiness and glib, in-your-face, dehumanizing language, along with childish, bratty rhetoric is an even bigger problem if you’re seriously trying to tie NFP to God’s will. Frankly, this site seems to be more about a handful of precocious teenagers’ egos than anything else.The 100% number is part of all those penarosl anecdotes you claim constitutes evidence. Also, typical usage effectiveness for NFP (all methods) is lower than 99%, not higher.

  5. Elizabeth 14. Jun, 2011 at 11:30 am #

    We’ve been married/using NFP (CCL STM) to prevent pregnancy for almost 3 years. My sister and her husband (who are the only others I know use it) have also been married almost 3 years and are about 3 months along with their first pregnancy. (For the record, it wasn’t a surprise; so I guess they used NFP for about 2.5 years.)

  6. Rebecca @ TRH 14. Jun, 2011 at 6:20 pm #

    It was about 8 months for us that we used NFP to prevent before starting TTC.

    I’m loving seeing all of these beautiful answers – they truly illustrate what NFP is all about – discernment prayerfully in the presence of God.

  7. Rosary 27. Jun, 2011 at 6:19 am #

    I’ve known some couples who have stayed childless through NFP. I guess it prevented them from having kids for about a year or so. NFP is still a hard challenge for many but it is feasible.

  8. Kara 11. Sep, 2011 at 1:01 am #

    My parents used nfp and had my brother and I, three years apart. They were 33 when they had their last child and used nfp until my mom needed a hysterectomy when she was 45 (I don’t think she had fully finished menopause yet).

  9. Kara 11. Sep, 2011 at 1:03 am #

    Oh – and average time? Most couples we know who used nfp got pregnant within the first year of marriage. We conceived our first two years into marriage; there were a few couples we knew using nfp who didn’t get pregnant until later than that but definitely not the majority.

  10. Luigi 31. Jul, 2014 at 9:43 am #

    Frankly, I’d go on the pill before I took Accutane ever read the side eftcfes on an Accutane insert? Not to mention that they won’t even give it to you unless you’re on birth control and practically sign a sworn oath that you’ll stay on birth control, the side eftcfes for the unborn children of women on Accutane are so bad.Also, no prescription medication, the pill included, comes without a long, long, loooong, detailed explanation of all the possible negative side eftcfes. You, as the patient, have a responsibility to read them and ask questions and make an informed decision. You can’t fault the decision for being uninformed when that’s YOUR responsibility. Would you buy a car without researching it? A smartphone? Then why would you swallow a pill someone gave you without researching it?For some people, the pill may be a last resort for acne. There isn’t one kind of acne.Again, this is an anecdote. It means nothing. I’ve had serious gynecological issues and the pill was never mentioned not once. And my OB/GYN, who has no moral objections to hormonal birth control, was the one who told me, given my family history of breast cancer, that it probably wasn’t something I’d want to mess with. That’s my anecdote, which negates yours, rendering them both pointless.Here’s the thing I don’t have a problem with promoting NFP as an alternative to the other methods of BC already widely promoted to young men and women. I have a serious problem with the snarky, mean-spirited, manipulative way this site goes about it, plus one of the main authors of this site has already proven that he has a complete and absolute disregard for the humanity of anyone who doesn’t serve his purposes. That leaves his message here suspect.

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